Timber Floor Repairs and Restoration

Every surface is different, but the first step in upgrading its condition is to always identify issues and concerns, then ensure the causes of any problems are eliminated before sanding and finishing works commence.

Once our team has inspected the floor surface in need of work, outlined your options and advised you of your choices, we’ll work with you to find affordable solutions and provide you with a written quote.

If there are serious problems that affect a large area of the floor, there may be a need to address areas around some problem zones, which may require further specialist attention.

Your floors are the centrepiece of your home, but no matter how careful you are, there will still be times when you’ll need repairs or touch-ups. For all of your floor repairs and other needs, call our specialists on 08 9276 3727. We would welcome your call and we’re always happy to advise you of the best way to meet your expectations.


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